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A brochure listing the features and specifications of the Belt-Way Conveyor Belt Scales Integrator.

A brochure for the Belt-Way Modbus TCP/IP to Allen-Bradley PLC Gateway for easy, cost-effective plant automation.

A brochure featuring the low-profile automatic angle compensator sensor for measuring the angle of the conveyor.

A guide to understanding conveyor belt scale components and the weighing environment to which they are applied.

Belt-Way Scales In Motion Weighing Solutions Conveyor Belt Scale Product Handbook.

Conveyor belt scales 8-page product guide showcasing features, applications, and monitoring capabilities for Belt-Way Scales in-motion weighing solutions.

A brochure featuring the Integrators I/O Option Board which increases the functionality of your conveyor belt scale.

Declaration of Conformity certificate for Belt-Way Scale's integrator.

A brochure featuring the enclosure used to protect the scale controls from the elements and vandalism.

Belt-Way Bulletin Volume 5, Number 5 announcing a change to the Integrator AC Power Supply part number.