Screening is an important process in many different industries. Such as:

Scales are necessary on these screens to allow our customers to streamline production, maximize profit, and reduce cost.

The screening machine separates products by size. On stationary screens, up to 3 different products can be produced.

At locations where a screener is used, there are typically multiple screen plants in a row, sometimes allowing one screener for each crusher. Commonly, those screeners are referred to as the “secondary screener” or the “tertiary screener.” Typically, there is a Belt-Way Scale on the conveyor belt carrying the finished desired sized product(s) and a Belt-Way scale on the conveyor that sends the large rejected product back through a Crusher to repeat the process.

This belt weighing process for screening machines is typical for stationary plants around the world.

Belt-Way scales patented self-aligning modular load cell design allows for easy weigh bridge expansion while reducing the need for constant re-calibration and maintaining high accuracy.

Belt-Way customers rely on Plant Connect to remotely monitor and analyze production at single or multiple locations via any web-enabled device remotely from anywhere.

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