Mobile crushing, screening, and conveying equipment is the fastest-growing sector of the aggregate industry. The flexibility afforded by the Belt-Way modular design allows for easy installation on a broad range of idler and conveyor designs. Our patented weighbridge greatly reduces vibration resonance to the sensors. The force of material on the scale registers directly with no mechanical linkage or levers. Most importantly, the Belt-Way weighbridge nullifies the effect of torque on the conveyor frame, a significant factor contributing to non-linearity on portable equipment.

A design uniquely suited to portable equipment and expert on-site support through certified dealers makes Belt-Way by far the most popular scale for mobile equipment. Give us a call to discuss the scale proven effective for your application.

Popular Options & Accessories for Mobile Equipment

Self-Storing Test Weights – Belt-Way conveyor belt scales are known for user-friendly calibration. Now, the convenience of self-storing test weights makes calibration even easier.

Automatic Angle Compensator – Eliminates the need for re-calibration due to changing conveyor angles. Ideal for stacking conveyors, and portable conveyors. This option is particularly popular among users of portable crushing and screening equipment.

Ticket Printer – Print tickets at the touch of a button. The Belt-Way ticket printer is housed in a durable NEMA 4X enclosure with quick-release latches. Tickets include scale number, serialized ticket number, accumulated weight, time, and date.

Plant Connect – Monitor one scale or an entire plant from any internet-capable device. Performance evaluation reports are based on user-defined values for minimum flow rate, maximum flow rate, black belt time, and downtime. The time frame of reports is set with a simple popup calendar. Click here to learn more about Plant Connect.

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