How accurate is a belt scale?

It is difficult to guarantee an exact margin of error for any application.

Our general guidelines are as follows:

Single Idler Scales: +/- 0.50 to 1.0% at 20 to 100 % of scale capacity

        Example: +/- 200 to 400 lbs out of 40000 lb truckload

Dual Idler Scales: +/- 0.25 to .50% at 20 to 100 % of scale capacity

        Example: +/- 100 to 200 lbs out of 40000 lb truckload

Many factors affect the performance of a belt scale.

What kind of applications can a belt scale be used in?

Product Inventory

        Belt Scales can be more accurate than a volumetric stockpile measurement.

Contract Crushing / Recycling

        Agree to use a belt scale to reduce conflict with crushing customers.

Production Efficiency

        Increase production by monitoring feed rate to crushers, screens, returns, and waste.

Downtime Monitoring

        Get a better idea of production lost to unscheduled downtime.

Truck / Railcar Loadout

        Accurately load trucks the first time to reduce cycle times and maximize each load.
        Avoid costly fines due to overloaded trucks.

Rate Control

        Automatically control a feeder to maximize throughput.

What kind of belt scale maintenance plan should I have?

The scale will only perform as well as the surrounding environment allows. Inspect the scale, belt, idlers, etc. on a regular basis to ensure all components are functioning properly.

Belt Scale Maintenance Plan
Belt Scale Maintenance Plan

Can I monitor my belt scale online?

Yes. You can monitor your production in near real-time using Plant Connect. Simply connect your Belt-Way Integrator to the internet. No onsite PC is required. Use our free mobile app or log on from your computer using a web browser like Google Chrome. Connect an unlimited number of scales.

        Easily set up reports (CSV or PDF files) to email automatically.

        Types of reports available:

                Summary Reports
                Detail Reports
                Alarm Reports
                Product Reports
                Downtime Analysis Report
                Loadout Report

Call Belt-Way or your local Regional Sales Manager for more information!

What information is needed to receive a quote for a belt scale?

Simply complete the quote form and return it to your local distributor. Pictures of the conveyor may be required.

What makes a belt scale accurate?

                Proper installation and placement
                Slow-moving, heavily loaded belts
                Proper belt tension
                Lower trough angles
                Keep the belt clean

How often should I calibrate my scale using test weights or material tests?

This will depend on the application. It could be as little as once or twice a year or as often as every few days.

What is included with a complete belt scale?

A Belt-Way scale includes:

        x1 – Belt-Way Integrator (equipped for AC or DC power)
        x2 – Load Cell Assemblies
        x2 – Mounting Pipes
        x1 – Hardware Kit
        x1 – Speed Sensor with Mounting Arm