Transloading is a method of transferring bulk materials between two modes of transportation. Products can be transferred from rail cars to trucks and vice versa. Many materials such as coal, aggregates, fertilizer, grain, and sand are transloaded. It is essential to move them from producer to consumer as efficiently as possible. The recent drilling boom across North America has created great demand for various types of fracking sand. Most frack sand is produced far from where it is needed to drill, so transloading must be utilized to get it to the job site.

Specialized conveyors are manufactured for the transloading process. They must be highly mobile to accommodate a fast-paced loading and unloading of trucks or rail cars. Many of these transloading conveyors have Belt-Way Scales installed before they leave the factory. Conveyor belt weighing is essential to the transloading industry. Belt-Way scales help prevent under and overloading, which wastes time and profit.

Belt-Way Scales’ patented free-floating modular load cell design is perfect for mobile transloading conveyors. It maintains high accuracy and reduces the need for constant re-calibration.

Belt-Way customers rely on Plant Connect to remotely monitor and analyze production at single or multiple locations via any web-enabled device remotely from anywhere.

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