Conveyor belt scales are often used for simple measurement of material by product, per shift, or per day. Increasingly, managers of the most successful aggregate plants require accurate measurement to monitor and control flow material to optimize the performance of crushing and screening equipment.

In addition, many users of the Belt-Way conveyor belt scale also closely monitor the percentage of finished products and returns to achieve maximum productivity while maintaining excellent product quality. Our customers require accurate source data from conveyor belt scales when making decisions to optimize production. Compliance with these standards makes us a favorite among successful managers worldwide.

Popular Options & Accessories for Stationary Plants

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I/O Option Board – Provides a variety of inputs and outputs to interface with PLCs or other peripheral devices.

Self-Storing Test Weights – Belt-Way conveyor belt scales are known for user-friendly calibration. Now, the convenience of self-storing test weights makes calibration even easier.

Plant Connect – Monitor one scale or an entire plant from any internet-capable device. Performance evaluation reports are based on user-defined values for minimum flow rate, maximum flow rate, black belt time, and downtime. Also, monitor percentages of finished materials and returns to optimize production and product quality. The time frame of reports is set with a simple popup calendar. Click here to learn more about Plant Connect.

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