Fracking is a process used to extract natural gas and/or oil from shale deposits below the earth’s surface using hydraulic fracturing. These deposits were previously unreachable, but due to technical advancement in drilling processes, they can be reached with the process commonly called fracking.

In the last few years, sand and gravel production has become increasingly more popular largely due to the production of frack sand. Frack sand is like most other sands in the respect that it allows fluids to pass through it. Frack sand’s almost perfectly round shape makes it unique compared to traditional sand that has more uneven sides. The round shape gives the frack sand unique application qualities, as it is able to withstand higher pressures when forced into the earth at great depths.

Belt-Way conveyor belt scales are used extensively in the fracking industry because frack sand has become a greatly sourced commodity needed in the process. Belt-Way scales are used at sand plants to measure and track production rates and total sand produced.

Belt-Way Scales are used on rail load-out systems to load trains that will transport frack sand to job sites. It is important to use Belt-Way Scales to load rail cars accurately and maximize the payload without overloading or under-loading the rail car, causing delays and fines. At the rail terminal, rail cars are offloaded using portable conveyors equipped with Belt-Way conveyor belt scales. These conveyors load the sand directly into trucks that transport the material to the job site. Our belt conveyor scales are used on these conveyors to make sure trucks are not overloaded and to double-check the rail car load manifest for discrepancies. Job sites also use Belt-Way conveyor belt scales to offload the trucks at the customer site for verification on total tons received.

Belt-Way is a proven leader in the manufacture of in-motion weighing solutions in the fracking industry. We have built a reputation on trust, knowledge, and service with our partners by providing accurate, cost-effective ways of meeting and exceeding application demands and expectations. Our quality product lines provide economical solutions with a variety of options.

Belt-Way scales patented self-aligning modular load cell design allows for easy weigh bridge expansion while reducing the need for constant re-calibration and maintaining high accuracy.

Belt-Way customers rely on Plant Connect to remotely monitor and analyze production at single or multiple locations via any web-enabled device remotely from anywhere.

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