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Conveyor Belt Scales

Belt-Way’s Conveyor Belt Scales provide a simple, yet versatile design that fits any conveyor width. Belt-Way’s Conveyor Belt Scales can be installed on portable or stationary scales, provide quick setup, and easy calibration. Belt-Way’s Self-Storing Test Weights allow for scale calibration in a matter of minutes. Belt-Way’s Integrator is weatherproof—providing vital information in a reliable manner. Belt-Way’s Integrator also comes equipped with an RS-232 communication port to print weight data and send information to Scoreboard Displays.

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt Scales

Belt-Way’s Stainless Steel conveyor belt scales are available in 316 Stainless Steel to meet the demand of high-level performance in harsh and corrosive environments. The Stainless-Steel scale is available as a Single- and Multi-Idler Scale depending on your application and requirements. Belt-Way’s Stainless Steel conveyor belt scales are extensively used in salt mining, salt processing, fertilizer plants and other corrosive manufacturing applications where our customers take advantage of their durability and design. Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt Scales offer durability to stand up to the most rugged of environments. They also offer accurate and reliable performance when faced with usual wear-and-tear in milling, crushing, and milling machines. Belt-Way’s patented self-aligning modular load cell design allows for easy weigh bridge expansion while reducing the need for constant re-calibration and maintaining high accuracy.

Catenary Idler Scales

Belt-Way Scale’s Catenary Idler Scale is a very popular option for mobile crushers, screening, and milling machines. Catenary Idler Scales provide the durability to survive in crushing industry environments. They also provide the accuracy and performance needed in such an unforgiving environment. Catenary Idler Scales offer a very practical solution for tracking production with the addition of Plant Connect. Belt-Way’s Catenary Idler Scales are developed to accommodate Metso/Nordberg’s LT105, LT110, and LT1213 machines and they are also compatible with Wirtgen’s Milling Machines.

Low-Profile/Portable Conveyor Belt Scales

The Belt-Way ROLL-R Scale was specially designed for use on portable equipment such as rock crushers and screeners. The ROLL-R scale is extremely easy to install and gives the user the option to eliminate a dedicated conveyor for the belt scale. Crushers and screeners are very diverse, so Belt-Way designed the ROLL-R scale to be very flexible. It can be installed in between two idlers or be used in place of an existing idler, and there are three options that will fit almost any width conveyor. Please contact Belt-Way to confirm the ROLL-R is best suited for your application.